Paola Grandi, PhD, MBA, Joins Adze Biotechnology to Lead Pre-Clinical and Translational Research Programs.

ADZE is thrilled to welcome Dr. Paola Grandi to our team as we advance our pipeline of systemically deliverable oncolytic immunotherapies into the clinic.”
— Sidney Hopps, Chief Executive Officer of Adze

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, US, April 8, 2024 — Dr. Paola Grandi, PhD, MBA is the Head of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development at AdzeBiotech, a clinical stage biotech company focused on the development of immunotherapy approaches for treatment of solid tumors based on Oncolytic viral vectors. At AdzeBiotech, Paola is responsible for directing the pre-clinical and translational research programs. Paola earned a PhD. in Biochemistry from the University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2001 before moving to the U.S. to pursue her interests in oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus-based vectors.

After four years at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Paola joined the Departments of Neurological Surgery and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where she developed the next-generation Oncolytic HSV-based vectors armed with novel payload combinations that altered the tumor microenvironment (TME) to promote the development of anti-tumor immunity. As an NIH funded principal investigator, she carried out pioneering work to combine the use of retargeted HSV vectors with cellular microRNA regulation of viral genes in non-tumor tissue to limit vector oncolytic activity to brain tumors.

Her academic research produced the patent that provided the core technologies to establish a start-up oncolytic vector company, Oncorus, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Paola was the scientific founder and the Director of Tumor Immunology Virology at Oncorus where she provided robust scientific guidance and leadership for ongoing multi-disciplinary drug discovery programs. In 2018 she became the CSO at CG Oncology were she directed the clinical and translational research programs until 2024.

“ADZE is thrilled to welcome Dr. Grandi to our team as we advance our pipeline of systemically deliverable oncolytic immunotherapies into the clinic,” said Sidney Hopps, Chief Executive Officer of Adze. “Bringing on board a proven scientific leader with Dr. Grandi’s preclinical, translational and clinical experience and expertise in oncolytic viruses will be instrumental as we work toward groundbreaking advancements in the fight against cancer.”

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Founded in 2019, ADZE Biotechnology is an integrated research and development company focused on improving therapeutic opportunities for multiple solid tumor malignancies for an intellectual property portfolio directed to a novel recombinant adenovirus platform, products comprising the same and therapeutic uses in humans in the field of oncology.

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