Leading the Development of Systemically Deliverable Oncolytic Immunotherapies.

Adze Biotechnology is developing a platform of immunotherapies that treat solid tumors and develop a robust anti-tumor immunity for patients.


Adze Biotechnology is engaged in the development of immunotherapies that treat tumors while engaging patient immune systems for durable responses.


Our approach is based on our novel oncolytic backbone which enables systemic delivery to tumors previously inaccessible to these types of therapies.


We have a broad and growing pipeline of drugs which can deliver checkpoint inhibitors directly into tumors.

Our immunotherapies turn cold tumors hot while delivering immune-modulating payloads to create durable anti-cancer responses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an immunotherapy company based on our differentiated oncolytic viral backbone.   Our backbone can deliver immunotherapy payloads systemically or via intra-tumoral administration to tumors.

Our Strategy

The company is focused on converting its significant platform advantage into multiple drug candidates and to continue building strategic partnerships with major pharma that will add value over the long term.

Learn about Adze Oncolytic Immunotherapies

Adze’s growing platform of oncolytic immunotherapies features systemic delivery retargeted sub platforms, and an ability to enhance anti-PD-1 therapy performance.


Capable of systemic or intratumoral delivery


Multiple solid tumor indications


Delivery of enhanced anti-PD-1 payloads


Delivery of clinically validated immune modulatory payloads

We turn cold tumors hot and make tumors visible to the patient’s immune system.

Adze Biotechnology is developing a growing platform of immunotherapies that utilize our proprietary and targeted oncolytic viral backbone. Our oncolytic backbone enables systemic delivery of immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitors that self-amplify (conditionally replicate) locally in tumors.

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