Adze Biotechnology

Systemically-deliverable, retargeted oncolytic viruses that deliver immune stimulatory and immune evasion blocking proteins to tumors.

What we do

Our virotherapy platform targets 
local or disseminated cancer cells
directly in the patient

Adze oncolytic vectors selectively target and kill cancer cells.

Adze Biotechnology's self-amplifying oncolytic viruses target and kill local and disseminated cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unaffected.

Our vectors also act as platforms to safely deliver potent immunostimulatory and immune evasion blocking proteins into tumors.

Our oncolytic vectors kill cancer cells directly, exposing cancer antigens to the immune system, while the immunotherapy payloads stimulate the patient's own immune response.

After the first cancer cells are executed, local and distant cancer cells are infected and the oncolytic and immunotherapeutic wave propagates.

Our vectors also target the same immune evasion checkpoints as current therapies by delivering immune evasion blocking proteins to cancer cells.

Adze's oncolytic vectors have modified surface proteins, which allows for more versatile and potent vectors.  These modifications improve macrophage evasion for increased potency at reduced dosing levels.  

ADZ Single IV Dose vs Distant DU145 Prostate Tumors

Prostate Tumors - Single Injection


Oncolytic vectors

Our oncolytic vectors stimulate an immune response while blocking immune evasion proteins.


Our virotherapy platform targets the same immune checkpoints as current therapies, but also kills cancer cells and exposes cancer antigens to the immune system.

Proprietary modifications to our viral particles help escape circulating macrophages 

for improved potency.


Oncolytic vectors

Genetically Modified Surface Proteins Allow For Systemic And Intra-tumoral Delivery

ADZ Hexon proteins are designed to evade scavenger receptors in the liver's Kupffer cells.  These modifications allow for greater systemic anti-cancer therapy activity. 

Chemically Shielded ADZ Single IV Treatment LNCap Tumors


Chemically Shielded ADZ Single IV Treatment LNCap Tumors


A549 lung cancer cells infected with ADZ-000/GFP


Projected 2018 Cancer Deaths in the US

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies have the potential to treat hundreds of thousands of patients.