Adze Biotechnology is developing oncolytic immunotherapies with multiple mechanisms of action that can be combined with PD-(L)1 backbones.  

Our goal is to treat tumors directly while recruiting and amplifying the patient's immune response to fight cancers.

Adze oncolytic immunotherapy payloads target immune stimulatory and inhibitory receptors on T, NK, and dendritic cells and macrophages to further amplify the immune response.

The neoantigens released from lysed cancer cells, coupled with recruited and stimulated immune cells, generate in situ systemic cancer vaccine responses, a key goal in immuno-oncology.

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies also carry their own unique PD-L1 blocking and retargeting payloads.

Chemically Shielded ADZ Single IV Treatment LNCap Tumors


ADZ Single IV Dose vs Distant DU145 Prostate Tumors


Prostate Tumors - Single Injection


Projected 2018 Cancer Deaths in the US

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies have the potential to treat hundreds of thousands of patients.