At Adze Biotechnology, our scientists are developing oncolytic immunotherapies with the goal of treating solid tumors directly while making patients immune against their own cancer. Our first candidates enter clinical trials in glioblastoma, melanoma, and prostate cancer in 2023.

Systemically Deliverable Oncolytic Immunotherapies

Our immunotherapies are based on a proprietary oncolytic platform developed at the Mayo Clinic that allows for systemic, targeted delivery and localized amplification of therapeutic payloads in tumors.

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Through advanced and patented engineering, Adze scientists have created a novel oncolytic immunotherapy platform capable of systemic delivery. This engineering includes modifications to the viral fibers, knobs, capsid proteins, conditional replication specificity, advanced payload combinations, and other features.

Adze oncolytic immunotherapy payloads target immune stimulatory and inhibitory receptors on T, NK, and dendritic cells and macrophages to further amplify the immune response.

The neoantigens released from lysed cancer cells, coupled with recruited and stimulated immune cells, generate in situ systemic cancer vaccine responses, a key goal in immuno-oncology.

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Adze immunotherapy platforms have several mechanisms of action:

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies selectively infect, replicate in, and kill tumor cells.

This releases a full array of neoantigens to a patient’s immune system along with immunotherapy payloads generated locally in the tumor as our oncolytic virus replicates, creating an in situ systemic cancer vaccine response.

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies induce immunogenic death and releases chemokine gradients.

Releasing markers of immunogenic cell death and chemokine gradients activates and attracts both the adaptive and innate immune systems. The inflamed tumor environment recruits tumor-infiltrating immune cells, turning “cold” tumors “hot”. The release of neoantigens in the context of immunogenic cell death creates an in situ systemic cancer vaccine response.

Adze oncolytic immunotherapies deliver validated immunotherapy payloads at high concentrations into the tumor milieu.

Localized replication and delivery of immunotherapy payloads is designed to avoid toxicities normally associated with systemically delivered immunotherapies.

Adze immune stimulatory payload combinations are designed to stimulate a patient's CD8+ T cells, NK cells, dendritic cells and macrophages.

This stimulation results in increased cytokine release, antigen presentation, T cell clonal expansion, and cytoxicity.

This localized generation of immunotherapies unleashes an extended wave of cancer cell killing by the patient's own immune system.
Adze oncolytic immunotherapies are designed to enhance or carry PD-(L)1 therapies
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Our virotherapy platform targets the same immune checkpoints as current therapies, but also kills cancer cells directly while personalizing immune checkpoint therapies by exposing cancer antigens to the patient’s immune system.

Our oncolytic vectors stimulate an immune response while blocking immune evasion proteins.

Our virotherapy platform targets the same immune checkpoints as current therapies, but also kills cancer cells and exposes cancer antigens to the immune system.

Proprietary modifications to our viral particles help escape circulating macrophages for improved potency.


Adze oncolytic immunotherapies have the potential to treat hundreds of thousands of patients.
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